We serve Greater Boston's bowlers (men, women, and youth) who are members of the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) and the leagues that members bowl in.

Services include:

- Measure and inspect lanes for USBC certification

- Process all league bowler membership applications to the USBC

- Distribute league supplies to all league secretaries

- Maintain individual records of all member bowlers

- Maintain averages of all member bowlers

Publish an annual yearbook showing averages of member bowlers

- Distribute league award kits

- Process all USBC awards and distribute them to the league secretaries

- Process all USBC high score award applications and present the awards to the bowlers

- Hold at least quarterly meetings of the board of directors

- Hold an annual meeting of all members

- Hold the annual awards banquet

- Keep account of all financial transactions

- Interpret rules

- Furnish council and guidance to assist members and leagues in settling difficult problems

- Conduct hearings relative to infraction of USBC and Greater Boston USBC rules

- Assist with the USBC youth bowling program in the Greater Boston area

- Work with owners and managers of bowling centers in to further promote the sport of bowling

- Be in the information center for league officers and managers of sponsored tournaments

- Conduct local championship tournaments (open, women and youth)

- Conduct other tournaments

- Handle scholarships, GBUSBC Hall of Fame, Bowlers to Veterans Link, and Bowl for the Cure

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